Reasons why bamboo is a fantastic material for bed sheets

Bamboo has some unique properties that make it ideal for this purpose. Textiles made from bamboo have superior moisture absorption, they draw moisture away from the body and make for a comfortable night – they “breath” well. Bamboo also has natural anti-microbial properties without the use of additional chemical agents. On top of this, bamboo has natural UV filtering that block harmful rays. High count bamboo bedding has a very luxurious feel that is undeniably better than cotton or polyester.

But the benefits don’t stop here. Bamboo is a very ecologically sustainable crop. The countries where bamboo is grown often suffer from deforestation and poor water management. Bamboo solves these problems as it takes the place of forests with all their benefits and the soil doesn’t need to be tilled after every crop as it must be for cotton. Bamboo takes up much less land area (a higher yield than other crops) and rarely needs irrigation, thus saving water.

The processing of bamboo also requires less energy, making it a good source of income, especially in the less developed countries where it is grown. Finally, as a very natural product, bamboo textiles have a very high quality feel and make for luxurious tropical bedding.

We’ve got bedding items like Bamboo Bed Sheets, Bamboo Duvet Covers, and Bamboo Pillow Cases for your home. In beautiful colors, these are easy to combine for a total bedding design. Our products are made of 100% natural rayon of bamboo fibers, a natural alternative to synthetic fibers used by many bedding manufacturers. The natural components of a bamboo tree are woven into a high-value rayon thread.

We hope that you enjoy our products as much as we do. Our aim at SDB is for you to have a wonderful sleep experience with our product line which we are very proud of.

Outstanding Bamboo Properties

Bamboo is a fascinating plant. It grows in groves like trees but has such a fast growth rate that it’s possible to harvest in one year after a cutting. Here are some reasons why Canadian shoppers are turning to bamboo for their bedding, duvet, linen, and textile needs.

Bamboo has been used for centuries as a food source, construction and finishing material, and in very rough textiles (such as the supports for corsets in the 17th and 18th centuries.) It is grown in large groves and once it is cut there is no need to plant again, the bamboo plant simply drives out another stalk to take the place of the one that was cut. In recent years technology has allowed people to use bamboo in finer textiles. One of the most popular uses today is in bedding and luxury linens.