Bamboo sheets are simple and easy to take care of.  In order to extend the life of your bamboo sheets a few simple steps will go a long way to preserve the color, softness and antibacterial properties of bamboo sheets.

While any detergent you normally use in your top loading wringer or front loading high efficiency washing machine will work well, we recommend using a milder detergent, without harsh chemicals with naturally derived ingredients One product we recommend is Ecos laundry detergent with coconut based fabric softener.  It is concentrated, so only a small amount is  needed and is very gentle on fabric as well as on the skin. It is formaldehyde free and PH balanced and has a delicate fresh scent.

The sheets should be washed separately with like colors in warm (not hot) water.

For best results – don’t over dry the sheets.  Take the sheets out of the dryer as quickly as possible after the end of the drying cycle, to prevent excessive wrinkling.  

While the sheets are perfectly fine to be used right out of the dryer – a light ironing will make the sheets even more luxurious, especially the pillowcases.

For added luxurious feeling and a delicate natural scent use lavender scented linen water while ironing the pillowcases.  Lavender scent has long been lauded for it’s calming properties and may be helpful in getting a good night sleep. It’s very simple to make at home and much more economical than store bought brands.  Please see the recipe below:

Mix a few drops (approx.10) of lavender essential oil with 1 oz of rubbing alcohol.  Let stand for a few hours or even overnight.  Mix the mixture with 2 cups of distilled water and pour into a spray bottle.  Mix well and use.

You can also substitute  lavender for any other essential oil.

These extra steps will make you love your bamboo sheets even more.

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