If you are a hot sleeper, the result is waking up flushed, overheated, cranky and covered in sweat. A drop in core body temperature is pretty much mandatory for human beings to fall asleep and stay there. It should happen naturally but is easily disrupted, esp. for women.

In the last 3 to 5 years, this is where the change in bed sheets fabric has been focused. Experts in the bed and bedding industries recommend the use of organic or 100% cotton and even better bamboo bed sheets since the plant has a loose, open-celled design.

The higher the thread count of your bed sheets, the more tightly woven the threads. Air flows less freely through a tight weave. As a result, heat gets trapped, which can induce and exacerbate hot flashes. Bedsheets with a lower thread count allow more air flow, which helps release heat and keeps you cooler.

The bed sheets we manufacture are of 100% organic bamboo rayon, where thread count is a good balance of high quality fabric that won’t tear easily and also breathes well. The natural components of a bamboo tree are woven into a 320 and 500 Thread count.

The Bamboo bed sheets we offer are softer than the 600+ TC Egyptian cotton and one of the softest bed sheet you can buy. They are far, far more breathable.
Most importantly, the key to a perfect blissful sleep experience, able to regulate body temperature by way of moisture wicking, which vastly reduces the humidity in between the sheets that causes one to become extremely hot or cold. Their added advantage is the natural resistance to odors. They don’t need any special care; they are machine washable on a gentle, cold wash cycle and hypoallergenic.
Once you see their eye-catching weave and feel the satiny texture you will be lured in. They are Wrinkle Free and Silky Smooth, Twice as soft as cotton. These softer than soft bed sheets are durable and last years.

At Sweet dreams bamboo, we present an eclectic range of sizes, colors and weaves to perfectly suit your lifestyle. They give you the sense of laying down at a luxurious beach retreat right in your own home. The bed sheets are 100% organic bamboo rayon, Breathable, Extremely Soft, Anti-Microbial, Absorbent, Wick away moisture, keeps you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer and Eco-friendly. Their Hypoallergenic and odor resistant properties keep then smelling fresh longer.

Our luxurious bamboo sheets are soft, silky and airy which is helping thousands of sleepers, sleep like a log, literally, you also won’t want to get out of bed.

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