When buying bedding, linens, and other related products we often see manufacturers talking about thread count. What is the thread count and why does it matter?

The thread count is a way of measuring how many threads there are per square inch of material. The idea is that the more threads there are the softer the material will be as the threads need to be smaller. This is true – to a certain extant.

If you go shopping for bedding or duvet covers in Canada, whether online or at a store, thread counts will vary. They can be as low as 100 and can go up into the thousands. Here’s how it breaks down:

100 to 200 counts. These are pretty rough materials. This is the low end and certainly doesn’t make for good sleeping. Of course it depends on the material but it’s difficult to get good quality with this thread count.

200 to 400. This is quite “standard”. Nothing to write home about as far as bedding is concerned but it is comfortable.

400 to 500. These are true luxury sheets and covers. This is softest around and make for a luxury product. Combine this with an ecological and durable material and you’re at the top of the game.

500 and up. Anything above 500 is just marketing made to raise the price. There is no difference in quality, even though some manufacturers claim to go into the thousands. This is often done through “creative math”, often counting the individual strands in each thread.

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